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As we transition into a new world of fascination, endless opportunities and possibilities, let us harness the great energies at our disposal to utilise and create a better life.

To simplify… Feng Shui is a science. An ancient art of wisdom used to create balance and harmony in ones living and working environment. The environment we live in influences what we become and what we manifest in our lives. Out thoughts create our lives and whether we are aware of it or not, our surroundings influence our thoughts. Through the application of specific principles FengShui can recognise the inauspicious and auspicious areas of a home or business.

Miss Feng Shui can help rectify these inauspicioius areas – “sha-chi”, negative energy, that causes disharmony, affecting health, relationships, career, children, finances, legal problems and the well being of you and your family, by activating the flow of “sheng-chi” positive energy

If you are looking to make a real positive change in your life Miss Feng Shui will assist you in creating an environment that enhances and strengthens relationships, education, career and improves health, wealth and happiness for you, your family and loved ones.

Abundance, Love & Happiness.

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The Challenge

Home Layout is chaotic

Office Layout is chaotic



The Solution

Using Feng Shui – we create an environment which will maximise cash flow, customers and increase productivity to ensure successful outcomes for you and your business.

Using Feng Shui – we organise to balance and harmonise your environment.


What is provided

Analysis, recommendations. Discussion, walk thru and planning. Feng Shui advice will include suggestions on optimal arrangement of furniture, artwork, plants and other objects to help enhance and balance the environment. Shapes, colours, textures and natural elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) are the fundamental key roles in Feng Shui and will be discussed accordingly.

If you are in the market for new furniture, artwork or accessories, Georgina can assist and guide you to making purchases that will support and enhance your life.


During a consultation to better understand your desires, I will ask you to address any areas of concern, that may be undermining those desires, health and well being. My goal is to help create environments that are consistently supportive to good health, happiness, wealth and prosperity. Harnessing the positive chi energy will assist to develop and imporove all the areas in your life, improving health, develop better relationships, find love, build and sustain wealth, further career and creating opportunities.

House plans/sketch of property. DOB of all residents, dates of any renovations to be sent 1 week prior to consultation date.



Working alongside and providing advice for your new home, design or renovation to ensure a congenial home environment for you and your family. Hourly rate is applicable,and/or project is negotiable. New home plans includes garden design.


Real Estate / Land Analysis

Landscape analysis before purchasing a property is highly recommended. One of your most biggest and important decisions should make your life positive and happy, not engulf a negative, unhappy and expensive mistake when purchasing a property. Analysis of the location and surrounding environment assists in choosing the right property that will ensure a happy, healthy and prosperous future for you, your family and loved ones. Implementing good Feng Shui into your property, will allow you to achieve the best possible optimal results successfully in selling or leasing your property at a much faster rate.

Business / Retail / Office

To maximise profit , improve cash flow, bring in more customers and create a harmonious working environment to ensure your business succeeds. Create an environment that will generate energy to deliver these to your business.

Your office, working space, should be conducive to ones needs, compatible and pleasant. Creating congenial surroundings that enhance productivity, support, and a harmonious environment.

DOB of all business partners (if applicable), plans / sketches and address of business.
Brief history of business, all to be sent one week prior to initial consultation.

Clearing Space / Cleansing

It is vital to have a good flow of clear, vibrant energy in your home or business space. To ensure past, previous occupants energy, negative, traumatic, problematic, unhealthy, unstable events will not flow into future occupants. Cleansing is paramount in a space where there have been changes, illness or passing of a family member.
Recommended before moving to a new home or business premises.

Before any consultation a map or sketch of the property must be provided and a floor plan of house or apartment. Magnetic true north direction to be applied.

A clear intent of what you want, any areas of concern, health, relationship, children, finance, etc will be discussed in initial phone enquiry. Allow 2-4 hours for analysis, recommendations and relocating of furniture etc. Consultation fees are inclusive of GST and balance of payment is required on day of consultation. A 50% deposit is required upon confirmation of appointment.

About us

Georgina has had intense training with three international masters, Master Lo of Hong Kong, Master Feng of China and Master Lillian Too of Malaysia over 4 years from 2002 until 2006. The studies have allowed her to work with and provide positive amazing results with high calibre clientele in all areas, assisting in purchasing and selling properties, creating fame and lucrative careers and developing healthy, stable relationships.

Some people tend to buy and implement various objects and cures without having the expertise or knowledge of Feng Shui, which can often make things much worse. But when they follow good Feng Shui advice they end up with more wealth, stronger relationships, improved health and a happier life.


As a professional Feng Shui consultant, Miss Feng Shui is dedicated to providing a better, balanced and harmonious environment in ones life.




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The adoption and application of the advice or information offered during a consultation should not be used as an alternative to other professional advice. MissFengShui makes no claims of absolute effectiveness of meeting the desired result of the client after any advice has been implemented, as life is very complex.

Feng Shui cannot control every single factor of this complex system. Therefore Feng Shui on its own should never be considered as the only way to change your life. However, Feng Shui has helped millions of people to enhance their lives through out history. Feng Shui is a proven art and science. Miss Feng Shui is dedicated and endeavours to help and improve your life, business and achieve personal and professional success.